Cohort 2 - Individual Support ladies!


I did my certificate III in Individual Support Ageing with D.B.C.Y.P. They were so supportive and encouraging through out the course. The coordinator was always there to reassure me and helped to provide myself, with self building tools I use daily now.  This was the best opportunity to learn and grow and I am so thankful I got it. Thank you D.B.C.Y.P - Bri 


My time doing this course with this wrap around support was the most amazing and empowering experience. I met new people and learnt a lot about myself and who I want to be. Kirsty Smith and Karri Rowland helped and supported me through the metamorphosis. I grew in my confidence, my awareness, and I learnt how to learn again.

The support I received while at DBCYP encouraged me to look at what I wanted and needed to get back into the work force.

  • We had our morning tea, snacks and lunches provided
  • There was positive check in every morning, with a quote
  • A program teaching emotion coaching for children
  • Guest speakers, Employment agency, age care employer, and many more
  • We had opportunity in learning different ways of thinking and tapping into our strengths through Esher House that Kirsty Smith supported us through as our Employment coach
  • Kirsty Smith is a positive woman who kept us on track with all we needed, supplying pens paper, access to computers and printer.
  • Kirsty took a group of us shopping for interview clothing, compliments of DBCYP
  • Kirsty also had us do one on one chats, so she knew where we were at different times of the course.
  • We went on excursions to various age care facilities to get an idea of what to expect going into this type of work.
  • Centrelink would come in weekly to support all we needed from them.

My time in the class room with Karri Rowland was great, she is experience in the field of the aged care industry, so our group got a great overview of her knowledge. Karri Rowland is an inspiring woman who has a good teaching ethic. Karri always kept us up to date and on time with the work load. If her information wasn’t understood, Karri would go the extra mile to explain and make sure everyone in our group was on the same page. We got positive feed back and Karri is very professional in her approach in teaching. Karri is very supportive and a wealth of knowledge.

My time at DBCYP was a beautiful experience, with a range of people supporting us, from the lovely young girls at the reception, to the behind the scenes ladies in the office. I personally think it is a fantastic program DBCYP have provided to the woman in the Morton Bay area. I have highly recommended this program to many women and would encourage DBCYP to continue this positive life changing program. Thank you DBCYP for waking my inner strengths and empowering me. - Sarsha

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