Our first Individual Support Graduates


Our first Cohort of Certificate III in Individual Support ladies graduated in January 2019!

“This has been a very fulfilling and informative experience. I have found my expectations were all addressed and I will come away from DBCYP with new found confidence. Not to mention, I have met a group of lovely fun women.” – Glenda D.


“The Women into Work Cert 3 course has been a real eye opener. I have really enjoyed doing this course. Have absolutely loved all the women that are in my class, we all got along and bounced off each other really well. The most enjoyable part of the course has been the practical side and also the professional services for Women into Work such as tuning into kids/teens, self-development days, workshops and excursions. I highly recommend everyone do this course, you will not be disappointed.” – Kathryn Z.


“Our coordinator Kirsty was fantastic keeping it all together and reassuring for us. Great facility for learning.” – Tezz M.


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