Sana creates her future

Sana is a 19 year old Pacific Islander. Having recently emigrated from New Zealand to Australia, Sana had big plans for her future. Her dream was to start up her own t-shirt printing business but she had no avenue for financial support and was unable to find employment. Sana turned to DBCYP and the ‘Get Set for Work’ program for assistance and became involved in the Grass Roots program. Sane said that she was initially hesitant to be involved in the program as she thought that outside work was ‘for boys’. However, she felt ‘encouraged’ by the staff to give the work a go and very soon she was even using power tools ‘just like the boys’. Sana said that until the Grass Roots program came along that ‘never in her life would she have imagined herself working outside and using power tools’. Sana said that the program not only taught her agricultural skills and how to use power tools safely but that she also learnt other valuable lessons such as ‘giving something new a try’ and ‘to believe in yourself.’

Sana’s skills and confidence grew as a result of completing the ‘Grass Roots program’. After completing this program, Get Set for Work assisted Sane to find paid employment at the local child care centre. Sana was then able to achieve her dream of starting up her own t-shirt printing business. Currently Sana is busy saving money to enrol in a graphic design course to gain further skills to develop her business. Sana says that she ‘does not know where she would be’ without the assistance she received from DBCYP. She said that she found the staff to be ‘friendly and welcoming’ and that many of her friends and family have also been assisted by DBCYP.

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