Reece gets his life back on track

Reece started using drugs and abusing alcohol at 12 years of age. The alcohol and drug use led to Reece missing school and created tension within his family. Reece states that at this point in his life ‘he had a no care attitude’ and ‘had no interest in anything.’ He also fought with his family about his drug and alcohol use and his non-attendance at school. However, Reece was eventually able to get his life back on track with the assistance of DBCYP. DBCYP was able to offer help to Reece in a number of ways. This included assisting him to get Certificate I and Certificate II in Construction, collating a resume, providing support and advice to find employment and making a referral to drug and alcohol counselling. Reece reports that he no longer abuses drugs and alcohol and has found a position as an apprentice plasterer. Reece’s relationship with his family has also improved dramatically. Reece credits the support and assistance that he received from DBCYP as being instrumental in turning his life around.

Reece’s grandmother Tracey is very pleased that Reece has been able to turn his life around with the support that that he was given by DBCYP and states that without the organisation’s support that ‘Reece would not have a family and would be locked up.’ Tracey believes that organisations like DBCYP need to exist because ‘kids find it hard to talk to parents and often they don’t listen to their parents’. ‘When Reece was getting into trouble, he did not want to listen to his family, but he listened to the workers at DBCYP.’ ‘Kids need second and third chances, and if services like DBCYP are taken away who will help? The kids will then have no one to turn to and nobody to listen to them.’

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