Chris now has a brighter future

Chris was able to create a brighter future for himself by making the most of the help he received from the Green Army Project.

Chris, 18, is Indigenous. At the time of commencing the Green Army Project Chris had been living in far North Queensland. Chris’s mother had died from a heroin over dose when Chris was only a young child. Growing up, Chris had no contact with his father. Chris made a decision to move to the Deception Bay area due to his interest in perusing his love of football at the local Redcliffe Dolphins.

However, Chris soon found himself unemployed with no accommodation. Chris then sought assistance from DBCYP and was invited to participate in the Green Army Project.

With assistance from the Green Army Project Chris was able to complete his Certificate II in Horticulture and learnt valuable job readiness skills. Chris stated that previous to approaching DBCYP for assistance he had sought assistance from another local job agency where he felt like they were ‘just running a business’ and that the staff were not interested in him as a person. Chris said that he immediately felt at ease with the staff at DBCYP. He also found them to be friendly and that they seemed to care about his individual circumstances.

DBCYP worked with Chris to develop a plan for his future. This included finding secure employment and housing. Chris also wanted to further develop his musical and dance talent in the area of hip hop. DBCYP assisted Chris to find a job in a mine in Queensland and Chris has recently been able to afford secure stable accommodation as a result of being gainfully employed.

DBCYP also assisted Chris to purchase some equipment to use to further his music interests. Chris performed at NAIDOC last year and he has also been involved in running hip hop workshops for other young people.

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