Local Pathways to Work

Local Pathways to Work is DBCYP’s employment program.

At DBCYP we acknowledge

  • That some people face unique barriers to work;
  • That fairly paid work is the best way to help you achieve your life goals;
  • That making a meaningful contribution through work helps our well-being;
  • That developing confidence in yourself is the most important thing to get and keep work.

 Our Local Pathways to Work is based on two basic principles

1)    That most job seekers need not only to get a qualification, but they need the right support for them individually to overcome and barriers they have to getting work. This can be anything from lack of confidence, to not knowing how to use public transport, to presenting themselves well or an interview. We provide this very important personal development support right from the start.

 2)    We work with local employers to find out what jobs they have and what sort of people they are after, then we link them up with our local job seekers. We support job seekers to both get the job, then keep it! Even when you get into work, we are there to support you and then employer in case any problems come up.

 On an LPW course, you will have your own personal employment coach that will help you set and achieve your employment goals. This will happen alongside getting your qualification, so when you graduate you are totally ready to hit the job market!!

 Our LPW programs are funded through the Qld State Governments Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) initiative. To be eligible to participate in one for the courses you need to be

  1. Ineligible for Australian Government employment services or assistant
  2. Have accessed Australian Government services for more than six months and remain unemployed
  3. Require complementary services because you have significant barriers to learning and employment

If this fits you, click on the link below for the program you are interested in:

 For any general enquiries, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be in contact with you.


This Skilling Queenslanders for Work project is proudly funded by the Queensland Government. 

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Certificate I in Conservation & Land Management

Certificate I in Business

Certificate II in Warehousing

Certificate II in Hospitality 

Certificate II in Retail

Certificate III in Individual Support


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Local Pathways to Work
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