DBay Families delivers a range of playgroups, activities and events for families with children 0 -12 in Deception Bay. Through these programs, DBCYP hopes to see families enjoy their children, love them and gain any supports needed along the way.…
The Healthy Activities Program provides families with children 0 - 12 with a range of free healthy sport and recreation activities to enjoy. Our regular programs include: Active Kids Playtime Stories, movement, music, ballgames, exercise and fun for children and…
Local Pathways to Work is DBCYP’s employment program. At DBCYP we acknowledge That some people face unique barriers to work; That fairly paid work is the best way to help you achieve your life goals; That making a meaningful contribution…
Deception Bay Community Youth Programs invites you and your little ones to join our children’s music program! Music Together is a weekly music program designed to create unique connections in the brain that supports children's language, physical, social, cognitive and…
DBCYP is committed to working with others to get the best outcomes for young people in Deception Bay. We do this by partnering with others at different levels. Local partnerships: DBCYP works with other community agencies and local businesses on…
DBCYP's YAMBI program supports young people aged 12-21 years in the Deception Bay area. YAMBI works with young people in several ways: Providing support and pathways to find the right services to meet needs. Working with young people to achieve…

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