About the Deception Bay Community Youth Programs

Committed to Building a Better Community

Deception Bay Community Youth Programs (DBCYP) is a community organisation that provides whole of life support for young people in Deception Bay under the age of 25 years.

We can provide assistance with:

  • Agency Advocacy eg: Centrelink
  • Accommodation
  • Health issues
  • Access to Legal Advice
  • Employment and Training
  • Transport
  • Crisis Counselling
  • Drug and Alcohol Issues
  • Food and Clothing
  • Staying at School
  • Recreation

DBCYP provides a range of activities and programs which are aimed to help young people to develop their emotional, social and economic well-being. We place a high emphasis on enhancing young people’s access to skills development. The organisation works with young people, the community and government to address barriers to young people’s participation in community life.

DBCYP’s Values and Vision

  • We believe that the Deception Bay community can only benefit from an active and productive young generation. Investing in young people’s social and emotional well being will inevitably lead to a healthier, happier community
  • Young people can offer energy, fresh insight and creativity. They can make a major contribution to positive community change.
  • We believe that if the whole community can acknowledge and address the injustices that exist within the local community, the potential exists for a mutual process of negotiation between all community members as equals.
  • Everyone has the right to participate in processes affecting their life and the right to equal power in influencing these decisions.
  • We envisage a local community which values the lifestyle choices of individuals, celebrates the rich diversity within it, and in which every member is motivated to take responsibility.
  • Everyone should have their fundamental human rights met, including their right to basic survival, safety, appropriate education and health care, freedom of association. Everyone in our community has a right to express their wants, needs and aims and have them heard.

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Certificate I in Conservation & Land Management

Certificate I in Business

Certificate II in Warehousing

Certificate III Individual Support

Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care

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Management Committee

  • Mark Cleaver
    Mark Cleaver is the Manager of the Field Education Unit with the University of QLD…
  • Cindy Phelan
    Cindy Phelan is a Social Worker with the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health in Moreton…
  • Anne Marie Herschell
    Anne Marie has been President since 2003, and runs a business with her partner in…
  • Trish Ferrier
    Trish Ferrier has a long history of working in the youth sector including many years…
  • Jodi Robertson
    Jodi Robertson joined the DBCYP management committee in 2012. As a local resident, Jodi is…

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